In the year 1978, Volker Stagge laid the foundation of today's company
KSO-GOBI by developing drivers' cabins for underground mining.

In 1988 the development of fusing kilns started.

In the meantime the name KSO-GOBI stands world-wide for one of the leading companies in this business.
Whether large industrial users, users from arts and craft, from cultural and research institutions, or hobby users - the products of KSO-GOBI offer individual solutions for many different applications.

Whoever decides in favour of KSO-GOBI may expect high-quality technical advice. We think of ourselves not only as manufacturers and suppliers.
KSO-GOBI has specialized knowledge of all subjects in the field of fusing and glass techniques. And this is the only way to supply high-quality products for glass processing.

KSO-GOBI provides its skills gained from experience to research and development as well.
Experience and technical know-how have made KSO-GOBI a renowned specialist. But also traditional values like identification and solidarity with our customers guarantee your future success with KSO-GOBI.

KSO-GOBI - this name means more than kiln techniques.

KSO-GOBI - we take care of tomorrow's problems.